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instructions for completing ociss form 4140

OCI SS Form 4141 complete OCI SS Form 4420 complete OCI SS Form 4520 complete OCI SS Form 4600 (Nonqualifying Child) complete The OCI SS will ask for a certified copy of a birth certificate (no original). Once you have the certified birth certificate, complete and submit the OCI SS Form 4600. OCI SS Form 4601 (Qualifying Child) complete. Note: This form (OCI SS Form 4601) is required each time an adopted or legally adopted child enters school. An adopted child must be listed as a dependent child on his/her birth certificate. Any adopted child may apply for an exemption from the requirement to register with the Department of Education if his/her parent(s) is in military service and is stationed in the OCI (Oahu or mainland of Hawaii) for an indefinite period of time. See OCI Form 4140, Exceptions to Prerequisites for Compulsory Education, above. The OCI will also request copies of your adoption.

Homeschooling - hawaii doe

A homeschooled student whose high school equivalency has already been earned must submit the form to the High School Equivalency Office in order to be approved for graduation in his or her school district. A student may have the high school equivalency validated twice: once at the time of transfer to high school, and another time before he or she graduates from high school. The student's high school equivalency may be withdrawn by submitting a written request to the High School Equivalency Office. Homeschooling in Utah For information on homeschooling in Utah, please contact the Utah Homeschooling Association .  Home education opportunities are available in Utah. A sample homeschool application, letter, and statement of intent and payment in full can be found on the Utah homeschooling association website (see Resources for homeschoolers). Some state websites offer information on homeschooling. If you have further information, please contact us, so we may add it..

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Form 4140 "exceptions to compulsory education - the homeschool

All students and teachers must be notified of the plan. The principal or the principal's designee must receive your child's completed form and send it with the completed form to  The Hawaii State Department of Education School District, Elementary School or School District, Middle School or School District, High School or School District, City, A School District, or Municipal Corporation that approves homeschooling in Hawaii This school must then be confirmed by the district office (or a School Board member) in the county in which it is located. The Superintendent at the local school district office must be asked to confirm. Each school has a homeschooling coordinator who is responsible for coordinating homeschooling, and for ensuring that all homeschooling activities are conducted in a safe and secure way.  If all other homeschooling activities are held outside or at a non-school facility, the coordinator will work with the appropriate organization to ensure that they.

Notice of intent to homeschool

The child's home school counselor to contact the attending State Superintendent if the child is still being homeschooled. . . The school will also request the school visit be supervised by a certified school counselor.